Welcome, Fellow Family Photographer!

I am so happy you are here! Keep scrolling to learn more about the Family Photographer Marketing Society and see if it might be a good fit for you!

The goal of the Society is to....

  • Provide a safe, easy-to-access place to share all I have learned about marketing as a family photographer in my last 10 years of business and continue to learn through my love of all things marketing.
  • The private instagram will provide weekly topics and education on marketing.
  • Share ideas, track the latest marketing trends and how we can incorporate them into our own businesses.
  • We will chat about mindset, focus and productivity in marketing.
  • How to use marketing tools to spend our time talking to the people who want to hire us instead of speaking to other non-local photographers. Our goal is NOT tons of followers, it is the RIGHT followers/fans.

Courses Included

-Pinterest is a wonderful + overlooked marketing channel for family photographers. If you are looking to pour more energy into platform other than IG, Pinterest is a true asset. I get 2-3 inquiries a week from there.

-Staying on track being your own boss can be really tricky! The Productivity for the Creative Entrepreneur gives a solid + strategic plan to put effort to the tasks that result in more bookings on the calendar.

-Working on mindset is one of the least talked about but most important aspects of being a business owner- especially as a creative. Work through some mindset shifts to protect yourself from the difficult parts of this work.

We won't be covering...

-Technical aspects of cameras, lenses or other types of gear.

-How-tos focusing on editing, shooting or posing beyond how those things play into your overall marketing plan.

-Trying to become insta famous and grow a following just to grow it.

Meet Fiona!

Hi, I am the lady behind Fiona Margo Photography + Fiona Margo Photographer Education. I operate near Seattle Washington and I have been photographing local families since 2011. My style is very relaxed and playful and I have built a successful business doing what I love! When I am not working, I am hanging out with my two daughters, firefighter husband and very fluffy puppy Rooney.

When I first started out, I learned by trial and error (which is still an amazing way to learn) meaning hours and hours of reading, podcasts, scouring Facebook message boards, Googling and YouTubing. While figuring out things on our own is important, there are some things I would love to show you that will help you spend more time building your business and photographing families and less time spinning your wheels with strategies that don't work.

I have taught in-person workshops in Seattle and hosted the Flourish + Fern Workshop in the Fixer Upper barn in Waco, Texas. Over the past few years, I have hosted small group coaching on marketing for family photographers, one-on-one marketing reviews and in-person mentorships. I've also taught at the Unraveled Academy + be featured on the Photo Biz Podcast!

I am a huge fan of women being able to create the business of their dreams and have come up with strategies that have really helped me save time, set up boundaries (with my clients and my family) and focus on the type of work I love.

Cannot wait to get to know more about your business!

The birth of the Society

Going from burned out and unseen

to booked out and balanced!

When I started my family photography business in 2011, I LOVED the work. I loved the families, the editing, creating my own schedule and setting my own rules.

But day in and day out I spent mostly alone- trying to figure out how to get clients in a busy, over saturated market while feeling deep, debilitating comparison with other photographers in my area. These feelings froze me and halted my growth.

I managed my mindset and came up with an actual marketing strategy, I started to feel excited about my business again. I no longer spent my time scrolling endlessly on Instagram feeling blah about this industry and my place in it.

While there is no magic recipe to success, there are some implementations that can really help and I have a deep desire to share what I have learned. Since my number one goal in life is as many fulfilled + flourishing family photographers as possible- the idea of the Family Photography Marketing Society was born!

All the details!

So how does it work? The majority of participation in the Society will take place within a private Instagram account. Since I have a pretty much hate/hate relationship with Facebook, I wanted to meet you where you already are and teach from that space.

The truth is, this work can be really lonely! We can end up spending too much time spinning our wheels alone wondering how we should be approaching the marketing aspect of our businesses.

We can get stuck in comparison and self-doubt and then end up not achieving our goals. There is no reason for this loneliness!

Inside the society, you will find like-minded and growth-oriented family photographers who are interested in a "rising tide lifts all boats" approach to this industry plus education from a photographer who could literally talk all things marketing all day and LOVES to help fellow entrepreneurial women.

just imagine...

You log onto Instagram and instead of looking at the work of other photographers and wondering if you are doing the right things, you can pop into the Society, feel supported + get ideas!







But, why not a course?

Well there is a base line course included in the Society which you'll see below. But I wanted it to be more than just a course because since the society started 9 months ago, so much has changed within the marketing world just within that time. We have learned about the new direction of Pinterest, the new Instagram features such as "Add Yours" and the ability to Link. We also discussed the changes to Reels and how to best utilize them in marketing. Had this been a course, it would already be out of date!

Marketing trends change quickly. Within the Society we can learn and adapt on the fly TOGETHER to stay ahead of trends and keep visibility up.

But, why not FB group?

I have spent the past two years actively trying to spend LESS time on Facebook. I know the majority of photographers rely heavily on their Instagram account so I thought I would meet you all where are spending the majority of your time.

Schedule of the Society

Monday : Intro of this week's topics!

On this day we doing any overview of our focus points for the week

Tuesday-Thursday : All the marketing tips!

Managing client expectations, seeking reviews, content creation ideas and tips on various marketing channels like Pinterest, Google , SEO and more.

Friday : Live Broadcast just for you!

All your questions!

All the answers!

Your own copy of the 5 Day Content Planning Guide!

  • Define your content pillars
  • Gather your content ideas
  • Determine your content placement
  • Identify your brand voice

Worksheets + Planners!

Ready to join?

Price = $21 per month

Additional Support at a reduced cost!

Being a member of the Society gets you discounted continued support with Fiona to chat directly about your business needs:

  • 60 minute one-on-one Marketing Reviews
  • Small group coaching at various intervals of the year
  • In-person mentoring when available

you asked

Common questions about the Society

Who is allowed in the Family Photography Marketing Society?

Anyone who is a family photographer is allowed in the society. We have a zero tolerance for bullying, intolerance, discrimination or hate. We also have zero tolerance for blatant copying or stealing of ideas.

What if I need to cancel my membership?

We ask that you give 30 days notice so we have time to cancel your payment in time as long as you are through the 2 month minimum financial commitment. If you choose to cancel, you cannot rejoin again for 6 months.

What if I don't have an INSTAGRAM account?

Since the majority of the education + community will happen on instagram, you need to have an account to get the most of the society.

Come join us!